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Tips on buying a fur coat

Since the ancient times a fur coat has been the best and natural means of protection against winter colds. A good coat is also a synonym of elegance, taste and is always up-to-date. If you have taken a decision to buy one, there are some tips to have in mind. There are different types of fur coats available with different characteristics, suitable for different use, different personalities and budget. Whichever fur coat you intent to buy, it is essential that it is made of high quality pelts, the most beautiful and resistant in time, whether it is sable or hare fur, since when the raw material is mediocre the fur is always a bad deal, which is normally regretted some months later. Fur coat should be bought at a reputable furriery, specialized and renowned for experience, technical skills and commercial seriousness. It happens to see and try on apparently similar items, but at a different price. Two similar furs are never identical. There are different factors impacting the price: pelts quality, provenience, tanning, color shade, finishing and first of all, handicraft manufacturing, cared for details and entirely Made in Italy.
This is an added value which cannot be absolutely compared with Chinese, Greek and Turk manufacture. Sometimes minor details are hidden, but excessively low price can cover some bad surprises, and in the long term reveal itself as a bad bargain.

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