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Cleaning is very important for optimum maintenance of the items. If fur coats were worn in the country, or wherever the air is pure, fur coat cleaning would be performed every 2/3 years. The situation is completely different in the cities or modern dwellings, where smog and dust continually deposit on a fur coat and the fur gets dirty, losing its elasticity and brilliance. It is easy to check if the fur coat is clean or dirty: enough to breathe into the fur, if the fur is clean it takes its initial position due to natural elasticity, but if it has a “crater” remained, that often happens, it requires an urgent cleaning.
There are a lot of manipulations required to revitalize the fur and restore its splendor. To avoid the risk of damaging your precious garment, we recommend addressing to a professional furriery.
You can come to our sale points and utilize the specialized cleaning service provided not only for fur coats, but also for shearling, knit fabric trimmed with fur, leather and suede leather ready-made clothes.

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