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Fur Care

The fur coat is a precious garment and to have it enjoyable and warm in the long term it is necessary to treat it with respect and provide for a regular “maintenance”. The respect means to wear the fur coat and do not neglect it in the cabinet, using only for special occasions, since the garment is resistant and durable (if not the fashion some items would be everlasting). On coming home hang your fur coat using padded hangers, avoid closing it in the place, where air cannot circulate (it suffers in a plastic bag or crushed in the cabinet), that can deform it instead of protecting.

If it gets soak by rain or snow, or whatever, do not brush it, shake it well and hang, let it dry naturally, far from heaters (it will cause the leather to crack), do not expose it to direct sun light (it would change the color). When seated cautiously unbutton the fur coat in order to avoid excessive leather tension. Avoid pinning up brooches in the same place and repeatedly wear belts or shoulder bags which would cut the fur. Never use sprays directly on your fur, because it can spot the item and make the leather crack. Moth repellent products, if spayed directly, can damage you fur as well.

Do not wash the lining at home, since you can damage the leather irreparably. In the summer have your fur coat cared for by the professionals, making use of the storage service. If you prefer to store it at home, it is vital to take some simple measures: hang the fur coat in its own cabinet, as a common garment, without covering it, or using the appropriate bags made of transparable fabric. Put a handful of camphor or DDP insecticide deep into the cabinet, renewing the same amount on a monthly basis. Once per month open the cabinet for all day long to let air circulate.

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